Notes on "how to travel cheap"

As i promised on the seminar here are the digitized Notes on how to travel cheap, from the group session.

– For cars – organized hitch hiking

are cheap in Italy, Poland, turkey, especially compared to England Spain France

Train in Germany
Weekend – 35 EUR max 5 persons 1 day
Travel a lot ?
– buy the %-card for 55 EUR and save 55% every tickets 🙂
– Week days – groups for 42 EUR + 6 per Estes person
Regional ticket ca. 35 EUR pro person pro tag pro region-zone

Inter-rail, gives a lot of freedom – but can In special cases be more expensive than other methods with train.

Bus Example: Prague –>; Berlin =32 EUR – return ticket
Istanbul to india is cheap with bus:) “it’s incredible” Also sct. Petersburg is a good destination – 2 days to get there

Advice for hitch hiking

Avoid truckers and cars with only two men (sorry guys)
Look for couples and business men
Good places to hitchhike are India Greece Portugal and Germany

Find a place to stay
Servas.? Made since the 2nd world war, to stop it from happening again, build on trust and peace, also exchanging of traditions and lifestyle, and stories.
Apply for membership and then get out there 🙂

Crash with a EVS’er 🙂

Hitchstay. ? Work for accommodation The original Hard to get stays In the capitals Works good though – put effort into the Profil of yours Byciclying people – a shower and accommodation

Pilgrim walks

Spain 88 temples
Original Jakob’s web – go and see Santiago compostella

Also India and France, Especially India is a experience!

Cheap flying sites

Trivago .com