Echt ?!

This is my list of awesome.

Stuff I like and suggest to you, Dear reader.

– it may be because it has helped me, or interests me, or simply because I stumbled upon it, and want to remember to check it out again myself šŸ™‚

Enjoy !

Getting Things Done – GTD
suggested by Ted Forbes
It’s way to think about how to remember to get stuff done, it’s a really powerful tool.
Thx a lot ^^

Ted Forbes
this is a big one !
I personally love anything Ted touches, yes I’m a fan and would have his babies. Just check him out, I found him when browsing for a photograp guru and I ended up finding a inspirational source for so much more.
Thx Ted.

The Art of Happiness
A book i’m currently reading, a friend lend it to me and so far i’m loving it. In general I find these very popular self-help-guidance books very inspirational and make for good reading
Thx Vitaly

The Art of Photography
A series of podcasts I have watched, made by Ted Forbes – to this day he’s my most inspirational guy related to do with anything photography, web and art.
Thx for all the inspiration Ted ^^

Every Tuesday I recover from the hazels of the weekend with my friend and yoga teacher Marijana


Also check this out šŸ™‚


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