My gear and style

I’m not packing anything hardcore, neither in skills or equipment.
Except for my will to learn 🙂

lets be honest, today anybody can take a great shot that will make you stop and take a proper look at it. with  iphone, instagram, and free services like Carbonmade anyone can take a photo and get it out there. Which makes it all the more important to be able to recognize and appreciate real work, to which there is thought and feeling behind. Or ?

I know I sometimes don’t give a f***, i see so many pictures and so much art that is just screamin for attention! just to put their message out there – i have a dream to make a giant opening of a gallery, invite all the snobs and the only thing there is something like this.  STIMULATION

I am a photographer for many reason, but i think the most important one is the fact that when looking through a camera, the world is diferent. Suddenly its easy and legit to walk into a shop and show interest and meet people. I guess sometimes its just a conversations starter, “Hi can i take a photograph of your work?”. The world can get so lonely, but when on a stroll with my camera in hand i suddenly lift my gaze from the street and marvel at the beauty around me.

So i guess there is not always much intention behind my work, other than documentation really.

So, the gear ^^


AF-S 18-55mm VR lens     that standard lens that follows, which is not that bad i might say 🙂 

a tripod of amazing quality.

I must admit i’m a “love-to-own-awesome-gear” kind of guy, i love to take night photos so my tripod has really been a gift, but the next thing i’m going to get is a fast lense, probably a 50 mm 1,8G AF-S





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