Viva la Barcelona

Ok, so this update is about how I in 3 days moved from Berlin to Barcelona 🙂

I had for some time been keeping an eye out for what my next “step” should be, I decided that I wasn’t ready to come back home to Denmark, my home country just seems so small compared to what the world has to offer. If there’s one thing I learned in Berlin it is that taking the chance and putting effort and energy into new possibilities always pays off. And in my heart and memory Berlin is filled with joyful memories, firstly thx to all the wonderful people I’ve met, and as always saying goodbye is terrible, but life goes on and all it takes to keep contact is, stay in touch 🙂

So when the possibility presented itself to maybe move to Barcelona and work on a contract for Apple I chased it. It worked out and I got the job, only problem was that suddenly my choice forced me to say goodbye to Berlin a little faster than I had preferred. I got the job on a Wednesday morning and the following Saturday I was in Barcelona. The excitement and hope for Barcelona drove me but all the stuff that needed taking care of was overwhelming, but I endured. Its amazing how much one can accomplish with coffee, red bull and adrenalin, the result was that I simply wrote sleeping off and used my nights packing and taking care of papers, or saying goodbye to “going to be missed friends”. Also I find that I’m not very effective cleaning an entire apartment when under the effect of exhaustion, it would have been ever so nice if my former roommate was there to help, But hey Roskilde has a certain ring to it compared to cleaning…

The feeling that keeps putting a smile on my lips when thinking of Berlin and the move here is all the help I’ve gotten, one after the other people has stepped up in each their own way, for which I’m forever grateful and me being here, would have been impossible without “a little help from my friends”.

Saying goodbye in the kindergarten was hard. And I’m missing “my children” already.

Proud but humbled
Exhausted but energetic
Grateful and eager
Missing but complete
Stretched but saturated

So now I’m here and I can’t believe it’s been a week there has been so much to do, one thing after the other just kept piling on my to do list, but even so it’s been a wonderful time so far. In spite of not always knowing where I’m going to sleep the next day mood has been high, I thought that in the worst case scenario one could always just go to a bar…

For now some new friends of mine has taking me in, I’m staying here till next Friday and after that .. Who knows ? 🙂
– I’m looking for apartments and it’s going to work out I’m sure especially because friends and family is helping out 🙂 – once again I’m grateful.

So did I forget something.. Oh yeah I start my training on the 16th and I’m ready for it, I have all the papers ready and for now my to do list is, not exactly empty but as far done as possible for the time being, which means I can with good conscience grab my camera and go sightseeing !!

Ciao ! 🙂